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  Setsuko Abe    

The story of Setsuko Abe

I grew up in a family that loves music, and at home I was playing various genres of music. I started playing the piano at the age of 4, and joined the brass band club of an 11-year-old junior high school and started playing the clarinet.

The clarinet was a transposing instrument, and I had perfect pitch. I heard the clarinet's doremi sound different on the piano, so it was a little difficult until I got used to it at first.

  While playing the brass band, I felt the joy of playing with a different instrument and became a captive of the clarinet! !!

Enter high school and take a full-scale lesson for the music college entrance exam.

After that, he entered the clarinet major of the Department of Instrumental Music, Osaka Junior College of Music.

I took the junior college and tried to transfer from the third grade, but the result was unsuccessful.

There was a time when I was worried about quitting music.
Suddenly, a turning point came to me while I was working after getting a job.

My father found an article in the newspaper that the president of the Queensland Conservatory in Brisbane, Australia, which is a sister city of Kobe, will visit Japan to audition. Life has opened.

I live in Tokyo when I get married  I've been doing music activities based in Kansai, so I was worried again here. I wonder how to work! Although I had learned the clarinet technique, I was worried about how to change from scratch to form, planning and managing concerts and live performances, and attracting customers.

  I learned planning and production, met people from different industries, and learned how to think from different perspectives. I have met with musicians who are enthusiastic about it, which has led to my current activities.

"I want to connect people with warm hearts through music" We are doing such activities.


He also composed YouTube, online live concerts, and his first original song "Memory & SISU", which he had never done before in Corona Whirlpool.
The world travel national anthem series became popular on the clarinet,

I appeared on the Wake Up program of the TV program Top Chnnel in the Republic of Albania.

We are doing activities to convey the wonderfulness of music to everyone.
Would you like to start playing the clarinet?

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