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 Online lessons  

Those who can make sounds at home
Only for those who have a Wi-Fi environment
Online lessons
We are doing it.
~ Lesson method ~
Use the free calling app.
In advance of the Zoom app
Please install it.
Click here to download the software
 I trial lesson    
~ First of all, trial lesson  ~
How to proceed with the lesson
Would you like to actually experience it?
Then what to do with future lessons
Let's think together.
Trial lesson
Experience 30 minutes + explanation 15 minutes
It will be about 45 minutes in total..
~ Click here to apply for a trial  ~

Thank you for sending

We will inform you of the time after confirmation.

  Private lessons    
~ price ~
Student… ¥ 4,000- / 1h
General… ¥ 6,000- / 1h
~ Payment method ~
・ PayPal
·Bank transfer
Details will be announced at the time of the experience
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