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Clarinet Specialized Music Class Group / Individual Lesson


​Isn't this the case?

  • I want to be better than I am now about the clarinet

  • I want to make a beautiful sound, but I don't know what to do

  • Is the embouchure correct? I want to know about leads.

  • Even if I specialize in music, I'm worried about how to play by looking at the score.

​Lecturer profile


Setsuko Abe

Clarinet instructor player

Born in Kobe, 4 years old, piano

Started playing the clarinet at the age of 12.


Osaka College of Music Junior College

Graduated from the Department of Music, Department of Wind Instruments (Clarinet)


Passed the audition of the Queensland Conservatory of Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, a sister city of Kobe.

Diploma 1 year end Performed at Chopin Festival in Gaming, Austria.


Take a lesson from the Vienna Philharmonic Ottensamar.

Take a public lesson by Mr. Michele Rainchenzo.


While teaching in the classroom now

Performing solo ensemble in Kansai, Tokyo.

Studied the clarinet under Tami Takahashi, Nanako Kotani, Floyd William, Junichiro Miyamoto, and Kazuo Fujii.

・ 2017 Tokyo Gakugei University After School Children's Club Forest Children's Classroom Project Lecturer

​Lecturer performance collection

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